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Service Above Self


Service Above Self

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DEXTER ROTARY is once again hosting it's annual fund raiser to provide Scholarships for our Dexter High School Students. 

This year the event will be held Saturday evening, April 18, at 7pm. The festivities will start with Hors-d'oeuvres, Wine, and a Silent Auction. The entertainment for the evening will start at 8pm and features the Younce Guitar Duo with vocalist Miriam Pico.

Ticket price: $65/person donation


The event will be held at the IBEW Hall, 7920 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.




Welcome to the Rotary Club of Dexter website. We hope that you will visit our site often to get updates on the many exciting programs and activities of the Rotary Club of Dexter and Rotary International.

The Rotary Club of Dexter is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the social, educational, cultural and economic fabric of the broad Dexter Community. Our members dedicate personal time, resources, and fundraising to support many activities in the community, including scholarships for Dexter High School students, a therapy dog (Dexter) for Mill Creek Middle School, civic tree planting, Dexter Daze, Dexter Community garden, Dexter Library Reading Program, Dexter Chamber of commerce Music Series, Faith in Action, Ronald McDonald House and the list goes on.

Please  join us for breakfast on Thursdays at 7:15 am at Terry B’s so you can meet our members and experience Rotary in action. 


Elisha and Mariah Fink

Co-Dexter Rotary Club President - 2014-2015




Two Dexter Rotarians, Paul Cousins and Larry Cobler, had the opportunity to participate in the making of a video about Dexter. The video is part of a campaign started by Rob Ewing called "We Love Dexter". Here is there home page where you can see the video.




That is a very interesting question - one that Dexter Rotarians really didn't have a good answer for - until we stopped to think about it.

So, after some thought - here's a list of some (poor memories) of the major activities your Dexter Rotarians did in recent years.

  • Jazz Night Fund Raising - to provide scholarships for Dexter High School (DHS) seniors
  • Purchased a Service Dog - Dexter the Dog was given to Dexter Community Schools to help students in special circumstances and to help with childrens' socialization.
  • Playhouse Fund Raising - to give back to Dexter Community
  • Memorial Day Parade Sponsorship
  • Tree Planting (225 trees distributed) - for tornado victims of 2012
  • 5 Scholarships for DHS Seniors
  • Interact Club - our active DHS students
  • Literacy Project at Cornerstone School - yes, we read to elementary grade students
  • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) - about 20 students went to Canada to learn how to be even better leaders
  • Exchange Students (inbound and outbound) - Dexter Rotary has hosted students from Belgium, Japan, France, and Germany. In addition, we had one of our own Dexter students go to France.
  • FIA Support - our Rotary garden plot in the Dexter Community garden and our Interact Club potato project provided over 600 pounds of fresh produce for Faith in Action (FIA)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner - Dexter Rotarians collected enough food to provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner for needy families
  • Christmas Presents - In addition to Thanksgiving, we collected Christmas gifts for children
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing - our annual tradition of helping the Salvation Army by ringing bells
  • Shop with a Cop - helping children select and wrap presents for Christmas
  • Ice Rink support - Dexter Rotary provides funding and support for the Dexter Community Ice Rink
  • Rotate Your Food Project - support to a local food bank
  • Back to School Back Packs - we provide many backpacks filled with school supplies for those in need
  • Ronald McDonald House – at the U of M hospital there are many families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their children undergo critical treatment. Dexter Rotary provides meals for the families several times a year.
  • Dexter High School after school support – Library/Media Center - in order to provide a place for students to study and get help with homework, Dexter Rotary provides people to keep the Library open after school.
  • Community Garden – supply food to FIA
  • Porta’ Johns for Dexter Village event - yes, we even help the Village by providing necessary facilities.

Wow, that's a lot of activity. But, our motto says it all - "Service above Self". Dexter Rotarians love to help their community. Come to one of our breakfasts - Thursday mornings at Terry B's - 7:30am - to learn about how you might help the community too. Plus, you'll meet a bunch of fun people who happen to love their community.



Actually we've been on Facebook for awhile but now we have a campaign going to increase the number of people who "Like" us. For those of you not familiar with the Facebook jargon, "Liking" a page is something you do so you will see posts and events from that page in your own personal newsfeed.

Just a short time ago, maybe in June 2012, we only had 11 people who "Liked" us. That was a sad situation. But, after a concerted effort to get more people to visit our Facebook page, we are now up to 40. And, once we get all our Dexter Rotary Club members who are also Facebook members to "Like" our Facebook page, we could have millions (well, it doesn't hurt to dream).

So, join us on Facebook (Dexter Rotary Facebook Page) - and "LIKE" us while you're at it.




 A small group of volunteers headed by Rotarian Paul Cousin, his wife Pat and with the support of Jean and John Cares, Dexter Mill, planted and harvested a patch of vegetables in the Dexter Community Garden on Dan Hoey Road. The produce form the garden was donated to Faith in Action to support their ongoing food pantry program.  The bountiful harvest this year included: 280 lbs. of potatoes, 185 lbs of tomatoes, 105 lbs green beans, 37 lbs of cabbage, and 30 lbs of cucumbers, 18 lbs of squash/yellow zucchini, 5 lbs of peppers, and 5 lbs of egg plant




Finally a winning double header week end for Rotary, after a long tornado warning induced delay, the Playhouse winning ticket was drawn and the playhouse delivered all within a 24 hour period.


The Raffle ticket drawing happened under sunny skies and seemingly late brusque autumn conditions at the Dexter Apple Daze celebration.  Paul Cousins was our masters of ceremony and spoke to the shivering but plentiful crowd a about the work Rotary does for the greater Dexter Community including our DHS Scholarship program, our community garden efforts delivered to Faith in Action, other Faith in Action Program support, Ronald McDonald dinners, supporting library and community events, and numerous other social safety net activities.  The winning ticket was drawn by a very young lady randomly  picked from the assembled crowd.  The winning ticket belonged to Renee and Glen Wiczorek of Dexter.


 Image             Image

 Paul Cousins on Rotary Work  The winning ticket being drawn


 The second, part of the double header was the quickly arranged delivery of the playhouse to the Wiczoreks. The delivery was  scheduled for late Sunday afternoon. The Rotary delivery crew co Jim Brady, Jeff Brown, Paul Cousins, Steve Feinman and Karl Fink assembled at 4 PM to make the delivery.   As the drive to the delivery got underway, Glen Wiczorek and his father were frantically clearing underbrush and vegetation from the playhouse’s future home.  Lindsey Wiczorek the soon to be playhouse occupant saw her dad and granddad working but wasn’t sure what the sudden flurry of activity was about.  It wasn’t until Jim Brady’s truck with the trailer pulled into her back yard that Lindsey’s  mom told her that they won the playhouse.


 Image    Image              Image

  Playhouse on trailer          Lindsey with Rotary delivery crew          Wiczorek family


The installation went fairly easily due to Jim Brady’s pin point trailer handling skills and the crew’s ability to avoid injury at all costs.


The Rotary Club of Dexter is pleased to announce the adoption of two new innovative membership programs: company memberships and associate memberships.


The Company Membership Program a simplified and cost effective means for Companies to be full active partners in our community service projects that are dedicated to enhancing community economic social and cultural well being.  Any business entity is eligible that is interested in supporting, promoting and participating in the Rotary Club of Dexter service programs. The Company Membership allows the company to have up to four active participants in club activities.


The Rotary Club of Dexter Associate Member program provides an opportunity for you to  see, live and experience the satisfaction of doing ”things” that benefit  the greater Dexter community . The membership allows you a trial period and membership to see whether our community service activities and fellowship meet your expectations and needs


Steve Youtz, District Governor, visited our club on September 15.  Steve along with

ADG Spaulding Clark had the pleasure of mingling with the members, meeting our exchange

Student and enjoying a fine Terry B’s breakfast.  Steve was the guest speaker for the meeting.  He outlined his program for the District and encouraged us to do  bigger, better and bolder in our community service, new generations effort, recruiting and getting our brand out to the community.  Governor Youtz presented the club with  a mini- version of the RI banner . Steve Feinman presented the Governor with our club banner and a club coffee mug.


 Image   Image

DG Youtz presented with RCD

Banner and coffee mug                                 DG Youtz meeting with RCD Board



Following the regular meeting, Steve and Spaulding met with the board of directors to review our plans

for the current Rotary year.  The board members at the meeting included Steve Feinman, Caryl Burke,

Jeff Brown,  Karl Fink.  Also present was Lori Sprague.  The  discussion followed the Governors agenda for  the meeting which included discussions membership, the foundation, community awareness of Rotary,  community service activities, vocational service, next generations service,  our goals and objectives as well as any concerns we had with respect to District and RI in general .






Keep yout ticket stubs handy.  The Playhouse Raffle Ticket drawing is now set for Dexter Apple Daze  October 1 , 4 P.M. 
at the band stand. 



 Memorial day is coming soon and so is the playhouse

During the final over bearing months of winter, a stalwart crew headed

Jeff brown embarked on our annual playhouse construction (early work in process

photo ). The house selected by Sandy Hansen  with plans drawn by Jim Crissman

is in the final stages of construction  under the watchful eye of 

Jim Brady. Jim, who allows us to build the playhouse, in his

barn had one thing to say last week, "SELL MORE TICKETS"

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet Duane Newland will

be happy to provide them. 




 Mike Ettenhofer, Sandy Hansen, Dexter Builders,  Hackney Hardware, Chelsea Lumber and Allied building Products were given 2011 Dexter Historic  Playhouse Certificates of Appreciation for have providing in kind services  and building materials for the playhouse.   Chelsea Lumber, Allied Building products, and Hackney Hardware  have provided building materials and hardware on continuing basis. Mike Ettenhofer, a friend of Jeff Brown and Rotary, has helped build many of the historic playhouses over the last decade.   Mike is also working  on the Sisal House Project.   Dexter Builders of course provide Jeff Brown and a variety of supports service for building the playhouse.  Sandy Hansen's  award was for her outstanding work playhouse selection, design and deocrating.

    mike                     Image
Mike Ettenhofer recieving                     John Daniels, Chelsea Lumber &
                                                 Jeff Brown receiving certificates



You see them entering and leaving places. The little signs are on along the highways, on community welcome gateways.  We have expected their presence and often are not aware of their true meaning.  They are icons Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Rebecca’s and others. These are markers of distinction.  They note groups and individuals taking pride in their community and dedicating their time and money  “to do” good for their community.


The Rotary Club of Dexter is one of these civic minded groups.   You may know us best for our annual playhouse raffle.  It’s always cute and always won, but its most important purpose is to raise funds to enhance the community whether it’s our scholarships to DHS students, a therapy dog (Dexter) for the middle school, civic tree planting, Dexter Daze, Dexter Community garden, Dexter Library Reading Program, Dexter Chamber of commerce Music Series, Faith in Action, Ronald McDonald house and the list goes on.


 Our members our women and men drawn form diverse backgrounds but we have one common interest-   helping our community thrive. We are your neighbors and friends.  You find us in your church, at your kids sporting events, bands concerts, any where your are in the community.  We are a fortunate club. We are intimate with our community.    While some of us work here, we all live, eat, sleep and go to church here.  Our kids go to or have gone to Dexter schools.  Education and children are important to us and to the future of the Dexter community. 


Were looking for a few good woman and men seeking to experience the beauty of “Service Above Self”. Come join us at one of our breakfast meetings (Terry B’) every Thursday at  7:15 a.m. to see who we are and what we do. ( )



A clear sunny day provided the prefect setting for the 2011 Dexter Village Memorial Day parade. Our club is always honored to participate in the Memorial Day parade.  Memorial Day is a day to remember those that serve served our nation and those that gave their lives to protect our nation. 


DSCN1445 DSCN1460

 The parade serves as the backdrop for public the debut of out 2011 Playhouse. The streets were line

with children, who yearn for the playhouses, and the parents/grandparents hoping to take this magnificent trophy home to their yard.




The playhouse this year is modeled after a cottage on the SW corner of 3rd and Hudson.


We were fortunate this year as  to have our President, Caryle Burke and our exchange student Lani, lend an air of elegance to the parade  as well as  provide  security   for the playhouse while chauffeured under the watchful eyes of Jim Brady in his deftly modified 007 Thunderbird.



Jeff Brown, who was out of uniform, navigated the Playhouse carefully and along the parade route

in one  Dexter Builders newly armored vehicles.



Additional security was provided by Julie Schumaker and Jerry Paulissen who trailed the playhouse to prevent a “Playhouse jacking” and perhaps sell a few raffle tickets along he way. Their efforts were complemented by Dexter providing guard dogs services directly behind the playhouse. 


The playhouse is now resident at Bush’s supermarket.  So gang, it’s time to sell tickets. : the more the better.   Remember the proceeds fund scholarships for DHS students.   If you need more tickets, posters, or want to sign up for sales duty see or e-mail Jim Brady. He  will be happy to provide them.  See you at Bush’s or any of our other raffle ticket sales venues.

Note: the photographer apologizes for his poor camera skills.


Cheery faces and good spirits filled the air  the DHS media center on Thursday May 12.

That sunny day was the day both the Interact Club and Rotary members had long been waiting.

 Today was Charter day for the Interact club. Club President Caryl Burke,  Brent Kolb and Laurie Sprague presented the Charter  to the Interact Club President (name) and officers as Jenine Fletcher  DHS faculty adviser looked on.



(Laurie Sprague, Lexi Wallenberg, Noell Stabler, Colleen Stabler, Caryl Burke, Joise Cohen, Brent Kolb, Jenine Fletcher) 


The second big event of the morning was announcing that the Rotary  Club  was honoring Jenine Fletcher for her work and awarded her an Honorary Membership in the Rotary Club of Dexter.





Josie Cohen, Interact President, and Collen Stabler told us about their first project developed on their own.

They have collected pillow cases to make shorts and dresses for children in an orphanage in South Africa.  The Interactors are making the clothes.  In addition, they had a bake sale to raise funds so they can ship the goods to the orphanage.  A  great project for their first effort. We should applaud their work.



The breakfast, arranged by Mary Marshall, was prepared by the DHS food service staff. it was a great meal.


 Steve Gergley, Gil Campbell, Fred Schmid



The Dexter High School Interact Club planted potatoes to be donated to a local food bank next fall.

Dexter High School Interact members, Rotarians and their families gathered at the Klawender farm on May 7 to kick off the 2011 Potato Project.  Under cool and sunny skies the group laid down black plastic, cut seed potatoes and planted two long rows of spuds.  Rotarian Stephanie Klawender and her father, John, taught the group all the techniques needed to complete the project efficiently.

The Potato Project began in the Fall of 2010 when Rotarian Klawender offered to donate some of her potato harvest to the local food bank Faith In Action if the Interact Club would come dig them.  The first harvest yielded about 150 pounds of potatoes and a few snakes.  The Interact Club liked that project so well they requested to do it again, this time doing the planting as well as the harvesting.  It is an activity that bridges the summer break since the current crop will be harvested first thing in the 2011-12 school year. 

With a bit of luck, this year's crop could yield up to 600 pounds of potatoes.  Stay tuned to find out!



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