Nearly three years ago, Rotary Club member Gloria Leininger proposed a weekly fresh produce program to Dexter Faith in Action, in order to promote healthier living during the “off garden” months. Gloria knew that fresh produce can get expensive during these months, making produce less available to our neighbors in need. “This is just one more way we can advocate for our local community to promote healthy eating.” –says Gloria.

The Club has heartily supported this program with four – five Rotarians weekly delivering $75.00-$90.00 of various produces items to the FIA pantry. The Dexter Country Market has been gracious and very helpful in selling the Rotary club various produce items that are on sale weekly, ensuring economical buys and a nice rotation of fresh produce be delivered.

The program extends from October to May and is supported by many members of the Dexter Rotary club who pledge a monthly donation towards its budget. Representatives of FIA have expressed their appreciation for this service many times and are so happy to have many organizations helping their pantry stay fully stocked for our FIA families. To learn more about the Dexter Rotary Club, visit or


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