Actually we've been on Facebook for awhile but now we have a campaign going to increase the number of people who "Like" us. For those of you not familiar with the Facebook jargon, "Liking" a page is something you do so you will see posts and events from that page in your own personal newsfeed.

Just a short time ago, maybe in June 2012, we only had 11 people who "Liked" us. That was a sad situation. But, after a concerted effort to get more people to visit our Facebook page, we are now up to 40. And, once we get all our Dexter Rotary Club members who are also Facebook members to "Like" our Facebook page, we could have millions (well, it doesn't hurt to dream).

So, join us on Facebook (Dexter Rotary Facebook Page) - and "LIKE" us while you're at it.