WHO  |  High school students 

​WHAT  |  
RYLA is a leadership development program sponsored by Rotary. At RYLA, high school students come together with Rotarians for a 3-day leadership experience and participate in presentations, activities, and workshops.  Activities at RYLA include team building exercises that promote leadership, ethics, problem solving, communications and citizenship.

Friday, April 24, 2020 (4pm) - Sunday, April 26, 2020 (3pm)

WHERE  |  University of Guelph's Ridgetown Campus, Ridgetown, Ontario


“I recently attended RYLA and I just have to say it was awesome!!  I loved meeting all those people and it's amazing how friendly and open everyone was.  Thanks so much.


“RYLA for me was a life changing experience and at first I admit I was a skeptic.  Never before have I met this many people of different backgrounds, creeds, and ethnicities.  This has dramatically broadened my horizons by kicking open doors that were closed… Every day since, I search for an opportunity to lead and to learn in the same respect.  I take pride in myself, I am more confident, and most importantly, I am sensitive to the people around me no matter who it may be.  RYLA was the most wonderful experience a teenager could ask for and I will relive these memories in my heart forever.”


“…RYLA touched many people's lives that will be changed forever.  RYLA has made a difference in my life and I appreciate all the Rotarians' hard work…Thanks again for a wonderful weekend, you have truly opened not only my eyes but my heart to grabbing onto life.”

"I hope to one day give back what I got out of this conference.  The people were great and the staff was fun.  I am so glad that there are good people in the world and I want to continue serving these good people.  Thank you so much for holding this conference.  It was grrrreat!”